Israel September 10th to October 22nd 2019

In 2014 my oldest son (of 7) Joshua (Josh) said he wanted to bring me to Israel. War broke out between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the trip was cancelled. Josh said we are going anyway and decided to go for it – us two – no guide – no group – just going from one adventure to another. Here is a Facebook page of the trip that whetted my appetite for more of the same. So the next year – after meeting a Pastor from Illinois in an online Hebrew class – we went again. Sadly Josh could not come so Fernando and I decided to have our own adventure. Here is a Facebook link to some that trip .

I started to think this could become a habit – go every year. But life got in the way in 2017 and then again in 2018. So I decided to roll those two years and 2019 into one big 6 week trip. And if God is willing September 10th I will be going alone on the big one. So far I have a 6 day reservation at Abraham’s Hostel in Jerusalem. So I can tell Israeli security I’m going somewhere when I board the plane. After that I’m looking to the Golan – If you need some background on just what the Golan is here is a good enough MAP . The light area is the Golan. Why go there? Well honestly it is because that is where much of the possible future prophetic events might be taking place. Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and 10+ other factions are amassing their military there.