Day One

Made it to Jerusalem via ElAl Airlines on Wednesday September 11th 2019.

On the bus from Bangor Maine to Boston Massachusetts to Logan Airport

I left the part of my family – Sarah, Esther, Solomon and Ellisheva – with a feeling of “I miss you already” – in my living room as they went off to school.

My 18 year old – Joseph – who is moving to Florida with his brother Josh and nephews and nieces soon – drove with me to the bus station. Bought a ticket to Boston. Had an hour before the bus left so we went to Gabriel, Heather, Liam and Daniel’s house a mile away to hang out for a few minutes.

The bus ride was great – relaxing – used my laptop and connection to the Internet to get caught up on this kind of stuff.

At Logan I was looking forward to the fun of Israeli Security and they did not let me down. After coming to the conclusion that I was an odd duck and not fitting the typical tourist profile they informed me that they would call me later for a special run through of my one bag – one bag seemed odd to them for someone that was planning to spend 42 days in Israel – of luggage.

The old duffer (Paw) and 18 year old Joseph at the bus station

I showed up at the gate at 7:45pm (15 minutes early) for the go through and at the gate no one knew anything. So final boarding time came and then they discovered that the security guys did not do the run through and they brought me to a special room where -after delaying the plane for 45 minutes – they finally got that done and off we went to Tel Aviv.

On the plane I got to sit between two CUFI member Christian brother believers – pastors – one in Montana and one in Reno Nevada. Both had just flown from LA to Boston that day and were now on the plane to Tel Aviv.

They slept about 6 hours of the plane ride – I slept about 3 – landed about 2pm Israel time (7am Eastern) – Sat in the airport and let a few folks know that I actually made it there – many were wondering if I was going to make it on the plane at all – and grabbed a שירות – shuttle bus – to Jerusalem. Checked in at Abrahams Hostle and grabbed some supper from the Shook – market – nearby – ate then had a great nights sleep.

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