Sept 14th 2019 – Jerusalem Israel

Breakfast – Abraham Hostel style of course.

After posting a ton of this stuff to the blog for yesterday I decided at noon it was time to get out and enjoy Shabbat in Jerusalem on the street.

The goal of the day would be to visit every “gate” from the outside of the “Old City” clockwise starting at the Damascus Gate where I had my video problem. So I successfully did a video of the Damascus gate. It is in the news often for many reasons – I’ll leave it at that. Hence lots of security.

If you want to find out current events surrounding the Damascus Gate – Google it.

Zedekiah’s Caves – now let the imagination go while what could be hidden in these caves. I’ll give you a hint A of the C.

Below, doors (2) that go to underground places – don’t know where. Across the street there is a quick glimpse at the possible “Hill of the skull”.

Mysterious doors. Golgotha across the street.

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