Sept 15th, 2019 – Jerusalem Israel

“My Beloved” – my wonderful wife Sarah, gave me a book to read on this trip – Hiking Through. It’s one of those books you get and move into like moving to another world.
It is about life through the eyes of a man who lost his wife through “the C word” and needed to discover why God sends earthquakes into our lives. The man quit his job of 25 years and decided to hike the AT. Along the trail God brought healing in many ways.

It is full of great thoughts – here is one:

“I remember a quote from Benton MacKaye, the originator of the AT. He said the ultimate purpose of the Appalachian Trail would be ‘to walk; to see and to see what you see’. How often we witness a scene of great beauty but don’t comprehend what we see. A beautiful sunset, a bright full moon, brilliant stars on a cloudless night. We ar too busy to see. The stresses of life blind us. Our eyes behold, but we do not grasp the greatness of what God has placed here for our enjoyment.”

Thank you My Beloved for allowing me to come here to Israel to experience some “Trail Magic” along my AT. This is my Appalachian Trail.

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