The Ancient City of David.

There are quite a few “City of David”‘s . He grew up in Jerusalem, was king for 7 years in Hebron, then there is the ancient City of David that was occupied by the Jebusites – Jebus. Mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible – or Tanakh. In modern Jerusalem there is the very large city of Jerusalem with near to or over 1 million people – certainly over a million if one counts the “Greater Jerusalem” area. Then there is the “Old City” which has עיר דוד (City of David) on the side of the walls.

Then there is the “Ancient City of David” in the Silwan. From Wikipedia: Silwan (Arabic: سلوان‎,[1]Hebrew: כְּפַר הַשִּׁילוֹחַ Kfar ha-Shiloaḥ) is a predominantly Palestinian neighborhood on the outskirts of the Old City of Jerusalem. Forty Jewish families also live in the area. Silwan is located in East Jerusalem. Silwan began as a farming village, dating back to the 7th century according to local traditions, while the earliest mention of the village is from the year 985. From the 19th century onwards, the village was slowly being incorporated into Jerusalem until it became an urban neighborhood.

This is the rediscovered Jebusite City that survived for approximately 1000 years after David and his general took it over. I believe that – “if the Lord tarries” – this “City of David” will become an even more visited site than the Kotel.

Here is the latest on the Pilgrimage Road – as some call it. The discovered road from the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount.

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