Sept. 19th Left Jerusalem for Hamra, Israel

Woke up 3:00 am knowing I needed to catch a bus to Hamra ( Hamra Picture ) today. Could not sleep. Hopped the tram to the Central Bus Station …. and went in the wrong direction 8-p. Figured that out when I saw station after station that I did not recognize. Hopped off and hopped onto a tram in the other direction and still made it to Central Station in plenty of time.

Got on the bus with whole bunch of military people heading to Beit Shean. Stopped at numerous moshav’s with gates and armed guards at the gates. After a small problem with my “card that would work on all the trains and busses” that would not work on this bus I was able to pay the driver in shequelim and in a small enough denomination. Then they dropped me off at the bus station in Hamra.

Hamra is a small moshav

Bus 943 to Beit Shean passes through Hamra and a bunch of other Jordan Valley moshavim.

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