Sept 23-27th The Plantation

Working for 6 days straight has been a learning experience. Sunday through Friday. 5 days on the plantation about 15 miles away and one day here at the moshav. It is harvest time for the dates and it’s pretty busy. There will be much to say and show in the blog as there will be six days packed into one entry. It was going to be done on Saturday – Shabbat – but we are off to the Golan so it may be put off somewhat.

Rise at 4:30 am take care of the chickens and goats. Be ready with water and some tomatoes, cucumbers and pita bread and a knife and get picked up at 5:45 am. Then we pick up some contract workers from Thailand and we are off to the plantation.

We get onto a machine that lifts 3-4 workers up into the trees where there are pods of dates covered by a net that needs to be open and the ripe dates removed. After 3 hours of that we have many pallets of dates. We then eat “breakfast” and then sort for 2 hours or so. We sort out dates that are not ripe at all, kind of ripe and almost ripe. leaving the ripe ones in trays. Drying of dates happens right there very easily as there is no rain at all for months. No clouds – sunny and very hot up to 40 degrees Celsius (over 100 F).

The heat and the work got to me after the 2nd day and I slept 11 hours.

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