Scraggly Lake Camping Trip

Today myself, 5 of my sons one of my grandsons and a friend of one of my sons are heading to Lakeville Maine for a camping/fishing trip.

I was going to put a map here with an X marks the spot thingy on it but MapBox wants me to use Javascript to put an X on a map. There has got to be a simpler way. Keep checking back 🙂

Behind the 8 ball.

Breakfast time at Abraham Hostel

I realize I have not been keeping up with things. It seems to be a self fulfilling event. Get behind and realize you just don’t have the time with all kinds of events happening or going to happen and one thing piles onto another.

Well here is the plan. Leaving tomorrow really – even though it’s Tuesday but only 5 minutes into Tuesday. So tomorrow evening I’m at Ben Gurion airport. Go through customs and then security and then check a bag and wait for the Flight. They will start loading us about 11:15pm and the plane takes off at 12:05am Tuesday morning. Usually a 12 hr flight to Boston. But if it’s another Boeing 777 – that was one fast plane – it might be less.

What is the plan? The plan is with all the mountains of pictures and videos and memories – to start posting it all while sitting in my kitchen or living room.